Pictorial Postmark Calendar

These pictorial postmarks are available, until the date listed, by following the instructions on the Sending for postmarks page.

Note: This unofficial calendar is maintained by collectors, not the USPS.

Current Postmarks
Greenville Drive-In 2nd Annual Festival of Type & Letter Arts, Greenville, New York — 2017-06-23 Until
Odyssey of the Mind World Finals, East Lansing, Michigan — 2017-05-24 Until
Historic Cornville Post Office Dedication, Cornville, Arizona — 2017-06-24 Until
Tucker Recreation Station 125th Anniversary, Tucker, Georgia — 2017-06-24 Until
20th Anniversary Station Town of Shenandoah, Virginia — 2017-05-27 Until
Webster County Woodchopping Festival, Webster Springs, West Virginia — 2017-05-27 Until
Brewing Up Topicals NTSS 2017 Station, Milwaukee, Wisconsin — 2017-06-23 – 2017-06-25 Until
Philatelic Society of Lancaster Lancopex Station, Lancaster, Pennsylvania — 2017-04-28 – 2017-04-29 Until
Postmark Collectors Club PMCC 56th Annual Convention, Reno, Nevada — 2017-06-26 – 2017-06-29 Until
Finnish Heritage Museum 10th Anniversary, Fairport Harbor, Ohio — 2017-06-30 Until
Norshaft Lions Club 100th Anniversary of Lions International, Shaftsburg, Vermont — 2017-06-30 Until
City of Buffalo Center, Iowa Quasquicentennial — 2017-07-01 Until
Golva, North Dakota “The Smallest Town with the Biggest Heart” Centennial — 2017-07-01 Until
Grafton, Ohio Bicentennial Committee — 2017-07-01 Until
Petrified Forest Station, Escalante, Utah — 2017-07-01 Until
USS Mississippi SSN-782 5th Anniversary Station, Pascagoula, Mississippi — 2017-06-02 Until
Old Threshers’ Reunion Allis of the East, Denton, North Carolina — 2017-06-30 – 2017-07-04 Until
Pony Express Station, Hyattville, Wyoming — 2017-07-04 Until
America’s Beautiful National Parks Station Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Eminence, Missouri — 2017-06-05 Until
Norshaft Lions Club 100th Anniversary of Lions International, North Bennington, Vermont — 2017-07-05 Until
Ozark National Scenic Riverways DED Station, Eminence, Missouri — 2017-06-05 Until
Dan Blocker Station, O’Donnell, Texas — 2017-07-06 Until
Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame 128th Sullivan-Kilrain Fight Anniversary, Belfast, New York — 2017-07-08 Until
City of Rose Creek, Minnesota Sesquicentennial — 2017-07-07 – 2017-07-08 Until
Philmont, New York 125th Anniversary Station — 2017-07-08 Until
Town of Otselic Bicentennial, South Ostelic, New York — 2017-07-08 Until
Mule Town Station 2017, Columbia, Tennessee — 2017-03-10 – 2017-05-10 Until
NAPEX Serving National Capital Region Philately, McLean, Virginia — 2017-06-09 Until
Celebrating the Founding of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania — 2017-06-10 Until
NAPEX Honoring the 35th President of the United States [John F. Kennedy], McLean, Virginia — 2017-06-10 Until
Huntsville, Alabama Philatelic Society Huntspex Mercury Project — 2017-06-10 – 2017-06-11 Until
Lewis and Clark State Park Station, Onawa, Iowa — 2017-06-09 – 2017-06-11 Until
NAPEX Honoring the U.S. Senator/Astronaut from Ohio [John Glenn], McLean, Virginia — 2017-06-11 Until
Tractor Parade Station, Callicoon, New York — 2017-06-11 Until
USS Helena SSN-725 30th Anniversary, Groton, Connecticut — 2017-07-11 Until
Farnsworth Art Museum Andrew Wyeth Station, Rockland, Maine — 2017-07-12 Until
Thoreau Farm “Birthplace of Henry David Thoreau”, Concord, Massachusetts — 2017-07-12 Until
Dorothy Height Indianola, Mississippi Station — 2017-07-13 Until
USS Maryland SSBN-738 25th Anniversary Station, Groton, Connecticut — 2017-06-13 Until
45th Van Nats “We Salute Our Vets!”, Mansfield, Ohio — 2017-07-15 Until
Canyon Creek, Montana, “A Step Back in Time” — 2017-07-15 Until
Fingal, North Dakota Celebrating 125 Years — 2017-07-15 Until
USS John Finn DDG-113 Commissioning, Honolulu, Hawaii — 2017-07-15 Until
45th Annual Bentonia Blues Festival Station, Bentonia, Mississippi — 2017-06-17 Until
Mississippi Statehood, Bentonia, Mississippi — 2017-06-16 – 2017-06-17 Until
Boy Scouts National Scout Jamboree Opening Day, Mount Hope, West Virginia — 2017-07-19 Until
USS Seawolf SSN-21 20th Annniversary, Groton, Connecticut — 2017-07-19 Until
Mayville, Michigan “Can You Dig It?” 27th Sunflower Festival — 2017-07-20 Until
National Scout Jamboree Station, Mount Hope, West Virginia — 2017-07-20 Until
Smithsonian National Postal Museum Total Eclipse of the Sun, Washington, DC — 2017-06-21 Until
Guilford Day “Artfully Yours in Guilford”, Guilford, New York — 2017-07-22 Until
The Jack Dempsey Museum “Home of Manassa Mauler”, Manassa, Colorado — 2017-07-21 – 2017-07-22 Until
Frontier Field Station “Celebrating Robert Panara”, Rochester, New York — 2017-07-23 Until
Lincoln Highway Station “It’s a Wonderful Road”, Denison, Iowa — 2017-06-23 Until
147th Annual Masonic Celebration Station, Florala, Alabama — 2017-06-24 Until
Brookland, Arkansas ZIP Meets Date: “Go Bearcats!” — 2017-07-24 Until
Crescent Theatre 100th Anniversary, Sussex, New Jersey — 2017-07-24 Until
McCracken, Kansas Rodeo Station — 2016-07-08 Until
Springfield, Massachusetts Union Station Celebration — 2017-06-24 – 2017-06-25 Until
Blooming Prairie, Minnesota Sesquicentennial — 2017-06-30 Until
Martinsburg, West Virginia 225th Anniversary Station — 2017-06-30 Until
New York Air Show, Stewart International Airport, New Windsor, New York — 2017-07-01 Until
Seward, Nebraska 150 Years “Deep Roots, High Hopes” Fourth of July Station — 2017-07-04 Until
USS George Washington CVN-73 25th Anniversary, Norfolk, Virginia — 2017-07-04 Until
Trailblazing: 100 Years of Our National Parks Smithsonian National Postal Museum, Washington, DC — 2017-04-07 Until
Bitely, Michigan Family Fun Station — 2017-07-16 Until
Alliance, Nebraska Heritage Days Station — 2017-07-18 Until
Duck Stamp Station, Little Rock, Arkansas — 2017-06-23 Until
Publishers Press Station, Lebanon Junction, Kentucky — 2017-04-01 – 2017-07-01 Until
Town of Boston, New York Bicentennial — 2017-06-02 Until
Upcoming Postmarks
Woodridge, New York 100th Anniversary — 2017-07-26 Until
New Hampton, Iowa Station — 2017-07-27 Until
Boy Scouts of America National Scout Jamboree Closing Day, Mount Hope, West Virginia — 2017-07-28 Until
Total Eclipse of the Sun: Charlotte, North Carolina — 2017-07-29 Until
Town of Covert Bicentennial, Interlaken, New York — 2017-07-29 Until
USS Rafael Peralta (DDG 115) Commissioning Station, San Diego, California — 2017-07-29 Until
National Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Day, Cooperstown, New York — 2017-07-30 Until
Brookhaven Lab 70 “Years of Discovery”, Upton, New York — 2017-08-01 Until
American Numismatic Association Convention “World’s Fair of Money”, Denver, Colorado — 2017-08-01 – 2017-08-05 Until
Total Solar Eclipse: Moon Over The Monument, Gering, Nebraska — 2017-08-21 Until
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20 Responses to Pictorial Postmark Calendar

  1. Ying Shi says:

    Hi, I want to ask that if I want to get a pictorial postmark by SASE method, how much postage I need to affix? Any or at least first class mail postage? Thanks.

    • Joshua McGee says:

      Thanks for the question, Ying Shi.

      For the SASE method, each cover you submit must bear at least First Class postage (47¢), and the return envelope must bear sufficient First Class postage for the total combined weight of the covers you have submitted, plus its own weight. You will need a postal scale or some other method to weigh/estimate their combined weight.

      Likely the SASE will weigh between 1 and 2 ounces (68¢) if you submit 1–2 covers, and between 2 and 3 ounces (89¢) if you submit 3–4 covers. I have a postage table generator at http://collectpostmarks.com/postage-calculator/ if you want an easy way to look up postage rates.

      Please let me know if any of this is unclear.

  2. DAVID TOMB says:

    I've been searching like crazy for a special Thanksgiving Pictorial Postmark. For the life of me, I can't find anything. Any suggestions? Many thanks!

    • Joshua McGee says:

      Hi David,

      I would suggest checking back at this page on the 10th of this month. Any Thanksgiving pictorials are likely to show up in the November 9th Postal Bulletin.

      You could also send for postmarks from post offices with Thanksgiving-themed names. You can find them through the Post Office Search function on this site. Postmarks from Turkey, Turkey City, or Turkey Creek, for instance, might work well.

  3. SHIV GARG says:

    I am looking for any pictorial post marks on Red Cross tasks and activities, can't find any, your suggestions please if any? Thanks,

    SC Garg

  4. Ray Orem says:

    Your website is great and very helpful.

    Why don't you list cancels for new stamp issues ?

  5. Brian Rogers says:

    Does anybody else cut up cereal boxes to make stiffening material?

  6. Brian Rogers says:

    Thanks, Joshua.

  7. David Evans says:

    Are there any announcements of postmarks for Total Eclipse yet? I really want to get in on that one.


    • Joshua McGee says:

      My understanding is that there will be matching pictorials in cities along the path of totality, but no details have been announced yet. I will update the calendar as I learn more.

  8. Michael Luzzi says:

    Josh, thanks for all the work you do on this wonderful website. I think I will take a chance and send in for a few of these. Hopefully, they all come back nicely done and I won't be disappointed. Otherwise, I will have to contact Celia. You know the drill when they come back poorly serviced.

  9. John Mewshaw says:

    Has anyone had a problem with the 2017 Inaugural cancellation? I sent in some postcards in Feb, and haven't gotten them back yet.

  10. Ray Orem says:

    I've sent quite a few postcards for the Inaugural cancellation. A batch was delivered about a month ago. No doubt it is slow going. In the past, in some cases, I have observed some stations not delivering until the very last day the postmark was available.

  11. Joshua McGee says:

    These covers took 259 days to return, but at least were accompanied by a letter of apology explaining that they were misplaced and later found.

    These covers took 210 days to return, with no note nor explanation whatsoever.

    Sadly, yes: sometimes it takes a while.

  12. Ling says:

    Hi, I am planning on making some max card with stamps not enough for a post card, say 29 cents. Could I stick another 5-cent stamp on the other side? Thanks in advance.

    • Joshua McGee says:

      I expect this will be a frustrating answer, but as far as I can tell, it is not expressly forbidden in the Postal Operations Manual; however, I tried it once and had the mailpiece returned to me with a note that it was against USPS regulations. The note did not cite a reference.

      I would advise against trying it.

  13. Steve Todd says:

    The Hyattville for the Pony Express postmark is in WY, not WV.

    • Joshua McGee says:

      Fixed. The address was correct but the link text and page title were wrong. Thank you for catching that.

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