Total Eclipse 2017 Interactive Postmark Map

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  1. Max Boettger says:

    That is a very cool way to allow others to see what you have for each 🙂

  2. penny chan says:

    CAPITAL ECLIPSE Station, April Burger, 131 W. High St., Room 104, Jefferson City, MO 65101-9998, Aug. 21.


  3. John Martin says:

    This is a great service. I'm traveling into the "total" area on vacation in August. Don't see any special cancels in the western area yet but maybe some will show up before then. If they do, I know I'll find them here!

  4. Helen Fowler says:

    While we here in Southwestern Michigan will only experience about 90% totality, the post office in Union Pier MI is offering a pictorial cancel (generic USPS). Requests can be addressed to: Postmistress, 16201 Red Arrow Hwy, Union Pier MI 49120

  5. Deborah says:

    Oregon's looks the same as Charlotte NC. Here is a link for addresses of Oregon Post Offices participating in the special postmark:

  6. Drew says:

    This week PB. WOW. Who's excited about this!?

    • Joshua McGee says:

      Uh, yeah! "WOW" indeed! Working to get it parsed as soon as possible.

      The postmarks are so dense that I had to rewrite my visualization app to allow you to zoom! I hope to have that up by the end of the day.

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