Reverend Theodore Hesburgh: Notre Dame, Indiana — 2017-09-02

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Notre Dame, IN Station
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1 PO Security Building
Notre Dame, IN  46556-9998

One Response to Reverend Theodore Hesburgh: Notre Dame, Indiana — 2017-09-02

  1. Cory says:

    Dear, No Go...: I mailed on 5 Oct as addressed but just came today (30 Oct) as NotDeliverableAsAddressed Vacant Manual Only unopened but with small postmark on outside taped over addressee saying "1st Day of issue Postmark was only until 10/1" I even had sent a sample as pictured above, signature with round stamp date in the letter but they didnt open it so...

    Ill try send out another request as says 01 Nov and an appeal as posted. Any help is appreciated as this was my start and was really looking forward to pursuing this avocation. Oh well, shrug. 😉 Sincerely, Cory D Oct 2017

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