Santa Fly-in Station, College Park, Maryland — 2018-12-01

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Pictorial Postmarks
Santa Fly-in Station
4815 Calvert Rd
College Park, MD  20740-9997

2 Responses to Santa Fly-in Station, College Park, Maryland — 2018-12-01

  1. Michelle Henrichson says:

    Very sad, I sent of for this post mark 12-6-18, I got it back yesterday 12-24-18, it was not post marked with this cute 100th anniversary post mark, only a hand stamped circle College Park, it was very sad. I was in high hopes for this post mark. Very sad. Michelle

  2. Daniel Yeakel says:

    Well - Let me share my story....I mailed in for the Postmark on 11/30 2 day priority mail...told by the clerk it would arrive the next day! It was delivered on Monday 12/3......My package went from College Park College Park Postmaster Tanya White who said......Sorry it was sent to DC for the cancellation.....I filed an official grievance with the US Inspector General....Received a Phone Call from a Ms Ward 12/21 saying that they were short staffed and it would be postmarked post the new year........12/29 (Today) I received a letter in the mail from the Post Office demanding $6.10 for the cancellation (122 letters at 5 cents a cancellation) - I am still waiting for the first 50 free ones to go out in the mail.......VERY SAD...Never AGAIN will I try and do something to help support the special occasion!

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